Sunday, December 31, 2006

We used to have a good President.

Anyone remember when we used to have a good President? Unfortunately I wasnt alive during JFK's time. But listening to anything he says is a night and day difference between what we have today.

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  1. i would tend to agree with you except for one thing. JFK had just as many skeletons in his closet as what some of our more recent presidents have had.

    i do believe fully that he was one of the best men to have sat in that office. I also believe that he was killed because of how he would have ran that office and that people didn't like what he had to say. i mean, be held accountable for your actions, and learn from our mistakes? What the hell was he thinking?!

    today truly is a dark time for all americans. both the people who recognize bush for the evil bastard he is, and for the few americans who still live in the dark and think that he is doing whats right.

    one can only find hope in the believe that it just can't get any worse. its almost as if we are in the middle of some horrible movie waiting for the happy ending when the world goes back to normal and all of our american values are safe and we can sit and relax in our hard fought freedom.

    when in actually most of us are sitting back in our comfy recliners watching American Idol and Survivor as our liberties and freedoms are slowly being flushed down the drain.

    Who's been reading your mail lately? More people than you may have thought if you havne't been keeping up.

    God bless america.