Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Spiderman 3 & The Moon Rocks

Spiderman 3: Climbing the Walls in Anticipation? - Associated Content: "The creators of the Spiderman comic, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, teamed up for this third installment to the Spiderman sage. Serving as writers for the action-packed sequel, Lee and Ditko will be sure that the integrity of the comics is preserved in this film – something which will delight Spiderman purists.

In this adventure, Spiderman comes into contact with some moon rocks. Yes, that’s really the plot. The good news is that a comic-book favorite will finally make an appearance in the Spiderman movies. Spiderman 3 means the appearance of alter-ego and favorite villain Venom, a character that scored big with comic book fans. The new Green Goblin and Sandman will also come to life in Spiderman 3, doing their best to thwart our hero and spoil the day. "


While I doubt there's a really good way to explain where the Venom symbiote came from in the comics within the context of the film. I just hope this "moon rock" explanation doesnt come off too cheesy.

Here's the full history.


  1. the "new" green goblin.. FUCK THAT SHIT..
    I can deal with moon rocks, cause theres no way to fully explore the infinity crisis. But its MOTHER FUCKING HOBGOBLIN.

    Shits allmost as weak as fucking "organic webspinners". Hell yeah I'm still bitter about that shit..

  2. "new" green goblin is NOT hobgoblin, hobgoblin was a completely different villian. while many people have been the hobgoblin, none of them are harry.

    the symbiote coming from the moon was the storyline used in the animated series of spiderman, it is less farfetched than the secret wars and is easier to fit in with the more modern and semi-realistic feel of the spiderman movies.

    and personaly i always thought that making the web in cartridges was kinda stupid and was happy with web becoming an actual power, why not hes got all the others? :P