Monday, December 25, 2006

The Pope's Christmas Message

Marking the second Christmas season of his pontificate, he said that while 21st century man appeared to be a master of his own destiny, "perhaps he needs a saviour all the more" because much of humanity was suffering.

"People continue to die of hunger and thirst, disease and poverty, in this age of plenty and of unbridled consumerism," he said from the central balcony of Christendom's largest church.

"Some people remain enslaved, exploited and stripped of their dignity; others are victims of racial and religious hatred, hampered by intolerance and discrimination, and by political interference and physical or moral coercion with regard to the free profession of their faith.

"Others see their own bodies and those of their dear ones, particularly their children, maimed by weaponry, by terrorism and by all sorts of violence, at a time when everyone invokes and acclaims progress, solidarity and peace for all."


I could make some sort of pessimistic comment about the role of women in the Catholic church, their continue condemnation of gays, or there turning a blind eye to a enormous landslide of molestation by so many in his employee. But I will simply agree with him on his point. Because no matter how chapped with irony and ignorance the lips are, they can still speak truth.

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