Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nintendo - Wii

My friend has finally gotten a Wii (after much hunting by both of us for it) and he invited me over to check it out first-hand.

I hate to say it, but I was pretty unimpressed, although I am probably a little spoiled by my 360.

1) The graphics are bad. And before you start with the 'graphics arent everything' - I agree, but these are bad. They wont hold up over time and the best game is ALWAYS 10x better when it looks good too.

The Wii Sports golf game was horribly distorted on the grass textures and far away "detailed" textures. They almost jittered as you played and would give me a headache after awhile. Maybe this would be better with the component cables, dont know.

The Zelda game had some nice blurring type effect on it, but it only served to help muddle the already very low texture resolution to the point where there wasnt a lot of good distinction between world objects.

2) The Wiimote controller is not what you think.

In the Wii Sports Baseball game, you'd think that the bat would move exactly how you were moving the controller but it doesnt. Moving it around freely doesnt not replicate to the bat movement. So instead of naturally using the Wiimote like a bat, you have to learn how to move it how the game wants you to move it. You dont have to make a real-life swing and could easily hit the ball with the same force and skill with a small wrist flick. This is helped out by the fact that the interaction with the Wiimote stops at contact with the ball and the game takes over the swing thru mechanics.

Pitching the ball was erratic at best. No matter how fast or slow you "throw" the ball you would register at either 65mph or 94mph. Only once did I get it to deviate to 92mph. It's also not possible to just lob the ball and let it drop - again you are restricted to the game's translation of the movement and not real world movement. This was the same in the bowling game.

3) Moving around that much is NOT fun.

The Wii Sports boxing game was fun. I boxed a Mii that looked like Jesus and one that looked like a blonde Hitler. Again the Wiimote and the nunchuck didnt exactly replicate what the boxer's hands were doing on the screen. You have to figure out the sweet spots of where to hold and move them to allow for the best punch and guards. It wasnt too difficult to do, but after two matches my arms were tired and I was done. I dont think I could have played more than 5 or so matches at one sitting of that game without having sore shoulders.

Creating the Mii characters was kinda fun, and seeing your friend's Mii characters walking around on the screen in a parade was kinda neat, but they will only show up if you know their long friend code, enter that, they approve it and know your code to enter and then you have to send your Mii to them. They also show up for no reason during the parade. It's not an indication if they are online they are just there and walk around to make you feel like you are with your friends I guess.

The only thing I really liked was the small speaker on the controller. That added a nice little touch to some of the games.


  1. the next best thing Nintendo has to offer...

    The Mii Jesus

  2. Is it bad that I've already watched this?

  3. Bad? Yes
    Unexpected? No :)