Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Leonard Nimoy sings "Bilbo Baggins"

This is the most disturbing thing I think I have ever seen in my life.

Caution - once you watch this, you wont be able to unwatch it.


  1. haha!

    i saw this first on VH1 awhile back on one of the "I love the..." shows they have.

    they only showed maybe a 5 second clip, i HAD to look it up and watch the whole thing.

  2. i love how they are all wearing "spock" ears EXCEPT Spock! hehe.

  3. I think those are supposed to be hobbit ears.

    It had to have happened around Star Trek time though because he's still sporting the Spock hair-do

  4. of coarse they are supposed to be hobbit ears. that's why its funny. hobbit ears look like spock's ears. but spock's not wearing them.

    your funny receptors are WAY off lately.