Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Thoughts

I try to keep my blog from being all about politics and more about stuff I am interested in or find funny or just want to talk about, but as the midterm elections near I find myself being more political with every day.

As you've probably read, I've been doing Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phone bank work for the local Democratic party where I live over the past couple of days. I spent about 12 hours this weekend working the phones and about 30 hours total. We've called and re-called over a 1000 people to help remind them to get out and vote. You've probably received similar calls in your area - either from a human or a pre-recorded message or robo-call.

The lists we worked from were targeted Democrats and Independents who've either left their registration as Democrat or voted in the Democratic primary. Your vote is secret, but the fact that you did vote is not. Invariably, as with any system, it's prone to errors and you'll get the odd Republican who acts all shocked and disgusted that a Democrat is calling them. That's not really so bad, it's not disheartening it's not even the worst thing that could happen to you on the phone.

The worst thing is when people simply say, "I'm not interested" or "I'm not going to vote". I know it can be a pain to get calls from random strangers about shit that you might not want to hear about but this is different this is the future of your local city, state and national government. This is EVERYONE's issue this effects EVERYONE and men and women have died and continue to die for our right and privilege to participate in this process.

We have a duty as Americans to take this seriously. We have a duty to become informed and to go out and vote each time. And if everyone did do that, these calls would slow way down or stop. This constant barrage of vote, vote, vote stuff would dial back. People do this because (in midterm elections) only 38% of the registered voter base even bother to show up to vote. That's not even a simple majority of the people who bothered to register!

Do your duty, get informed, go out and take a few minutes to vote tomorrow November 7th and demand an equal, open and fair vote tally. That's the least you could do as an American - simply having a magnetic "Support the Troops" ribbon on your SUV or a flag out on the Fourth of July isnt going to cut it anymore.

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