Saturday, November 11, 2006

Crackdown Co-op review

"The best part about Crackdown's co-operative mode is that you don't really have to work together with your partner if you don't want to. It seems odd that this is the best part of a mode that is supposed to be about helping each other, but that is part of the draw of Crackdown. Just as you have the freedom to choose which missions to do and in which order, the co-operative mode simply places two players in the world and allows them to do whatever they please. Just because one person is busy storming a gang base on a mission to take down one of the generals, doesn't mean the other person needs to have anything to do with it. He could be on the other side of the city trying to climb to the top of a building in search of an agility orb in an attempt to improve his jumping ability. Or he could be shooting you in the back of the head trying to kill you. Or he could help you. Right, like he's going to be helping you when he can give you a roundhouse to the face and send you flying off of the rooftop."

Egads I wish more games would do stuff like this. MMO's are fun, but playing a simple normal game with just one or two other friends really makes it a blast. Here's a good example of this. I dont need 800 more people running around. Even if you arent running together, it's good to know you arent alone in the world and can help each other out if necessary or just chat about stuff going on. Kudo's to this game for this - I hope more games explore this aspect.

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