Monday, November 20, 2006

Bush is such a slimey dick

Simply disgraceful.


  1. While I will agree that this sounds very slimey indeed, I also think there is another side to think about here. The people (if you are inclined to call them that) that organized the 911 attack are part of a group that are in a good position to set in motion a chain of events that could result in a full-out nuclear war.

    If I was in a position with a detainee with the immoral countenance of these monsters that I might be able to glean information that would help us find and stop his buddies from blowing up a bomb in the middle of a hospital or daycare center for that matter, I don't know that the rights of the detainee would be high on my priority list.

    So yes, still slimey, but at some point if we let the human rights of a terrorist stop us from stopping them, we may find ourselves blown up. I would expect the Geneva Convention only works when both sides follow the rules. I don't remember anything in there about loopholes for blowing up your own innocent civilians and beheading prisoners.

  2. We have to be better than the terrorists. For the sake of our relationships with other civilized nations we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

    Torture doesnt work period. Finding that bomb and stopping it will never come from dunking a prisoner or threatening him with castration via a barking dog.

  3. Of course we have to be better than them - I wouldn't expect us to publish a video of us cutting off someone's head.

    But what do you do? Ask nicely? I don't think we should be threatening castration, but what is so terrible about waterboarding? It's basically entirely psychological, there isn't really any physical damage incurred. I think it would be worth trying. Maybe I've watched too many terrorist movies, hehe...

    So nonetheless, it is pretty sick that they are trying to circumvent responsibility if they are found to be in the wrong. So much for interpreting the law and not making the law, eh?