Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Party 2006

My mom thru another great Halloween Party. Check out the pics from it. And yes I did all the pumpkin carving and have the cuts and cramps to proove it. We did a total of 6 pumpkins that night. 3 of them were from patterns that my sister helped with, Mom did one free form that turned out great (that one and one of the patterned ones went to my sister's house). The "Grim Reaper" one I did free form from an image I found via the peeling and thinning method with two eye holes all the way thru. Then the other "Old Man" was my first attempt at a 3D carving of a pumpkin. I think it turned out well. I cant wait to do some more next year like this. The detail is fantastic with this method.

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