Friday, October 06, 2006

Gripes about the PS3 in list form

My problems with the PLAYSTATION3 and SONY in general regarding the PS3.

I figured I'd do this in list form for easy reading and because I am conversationally anal retentive.

  1. Cell Processor
    • Unproven technology for this size rollout
    • 8 Cores, but the manufacturing process can only guarantee that 6 will work
    • Out of the 6, at least 3 are needed for major AI processing, leaving three left to do all the other work (1 for physics, 1 for paint, 1 for general processes)
    • Some prominent developers already commenting on the Cell's inability to thread for AI very well and prefer the 360's method and call it better.
  2. Blu-Ray DVD
    • Unproven technology for this size rollout
    • Expensive production (too early)
    • Data read times not well documented
    • Death-bit technology (a bit could be added to the game or movie rendering it unplayable except on ONLY your PS3 or not at all)
    • This total size increase is not really needed from current-gen DVD and may lead to sloppy data placement
    • Discs cost a great deal to manufacture and that cost gets passed on
    • No common device possibilities (extra content for PC or soundtrack not possible)
  3. Internal Power Supply
    • Internal power supply has already required a re-design of the unit's case
    • Unnecessary heat build-up
  4. 2 Flavors
    • All but the most astute will realize what they are truley missing out on with the cheaper version
    • Sony's notorious for re-releasing their consoles a bit redesigned to bank more dollars from early disgruntled adopters
  5. Current Game Line Up
    • Some PS2 only franchise games are not being produced for the PS3 due to the extremely complex development process
    • Lack of actual game footage from launch titles
    • Hype being built only by game trailers or rendered movies and are a FAR cry from what the game play looks like
    • Sony's hype machine said the PS3 would be leaps and bounds above the 360 and current game play looks the same or worse than comparable 360 titles
    • The name "Six Axis" is horrible for a controller.
    • Sony wont be honest about the lack of Rumble, claiming it would be too costly to make tech to isolate the rumble from the motion sensors, but they don't mind charging $700 for their "premium" console.
    • Current footage of actual use shows the controller's motion sensing to be a poor mechanic for games and gives no good feel for error other than visual queues from the game
    • No real improvements over button position or sensitivity from previous Dual Shock controllers
    • Blue Tooth wireless option is a MAJOR battery hog and will significantly reduce the play-time on wireless
  7. All sorts of Ports
    • There are all sorts of memory card and USB ports on the thing, but you still have to buy a separate adapter to copy game saves off your PS2 game cards\
    • Sony MemoryStick's suck and cost too much and arent standardized enough - another example of Sony snubbing current tech and making up their own formats to force you to be stuck with their equipment
  8. Programming for and with
    • Sony's pushing for the PS3 to be classified as a personal computer (much like they tried with the PS2) to defray extra shipping and import costs in Europe and other markets
    • In that vain Sony again will attempt to tout the PS3 as a base for Linux developers - you know of any that really tried stuff with the PS2? If it was so nice, then why is there a HUGE Linux-based hacking community for the XBOX?

Okay I am ending my list here as I cant think of anymore right now.