Monday, October 02, 2006

Getting screwed by the bookstore

Well I wondered how long it would take until I got screwed out of some money from college. Not only am I footing this quarters full bill myself (before the payback system from work kicks in), now I get stuck paying for a book that I dont need.

Last Wednesday I went and bought an Algebra book for an upcoming half-quarter class and it cost $125. It's about as thick as 3 magazines and roughly their same dimensions - $125!

I left it in it's shrink wrap and kept the receipt, just in case as it is not returnable at all without that. So I did some searching online that night and found it at a used book store for sale for $7 (+$3 shipping). So I bought that and went to return the other one and wham-o, I cant return it.

The bookstore manager informed me that the program he teaches from relies on each student purchasing the book and thus off-setting the cost of the course materials and that she couldnt return it unless I drop the class (and provide a drop slip) or I can get written acknowledgement from the teacher that I no longer need the book. Meanwhile they have at least 60+ copies on the shelf of this damn thing. *sigh*

At least I got a 98 on my first test for Art History. So that makes me super happy. I would have gotten a perfect score but I couldnt remember who painted The Raft of the Medusa and put down Delacroix instead of Gericault - that was pretty dumb of me and I lost 2 points for it.


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    just kidding! awesome about the test! sucks about the book. my friend!

    That answer must have been stored in the part of your brain that was damamged that night we were wrestling around the duplex and I kneed your temple into the door jamb..

  3. Haha no shit. I think my brain has a bad sector thanks to that.