Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gaming Edge: Sony clarifies some PS3 controller talk

Gaming Edge: Sony clarifies some PS3 controller talk: "There was an update today, based on Japanese tech site Broadband Watch.

According to the report, the controller will have to be paired to the console via the USB cable before play. This pairing process will be required each time the console has been shut down and turned back on, or - given the rough translation - possibly every time the controller has lost power.

It's unlikely that putting the console into standby mode will cause a reconnection requirement, if it's console-related. It's also unlikely that many of those lucky (?) enough to get a launch PS3 are going to want to leave it on, even powered-down, 24/7.

Those wondering about battery life will be happy to note the controller is expected to get about 30 hours of playtime out of one 2.5 hour charge. As the battery isn't replaceable, when it's no longer recharging the controller needs to be replaced or sent for repairs.

Does either option seem especially appealing?"

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