Sunday, September 03, 2006

Finally I have class *fart*

Hi everyone. :) Bet ya missed me. I wanted to post the last couple of day but havent had a chance yet. I've completed my first week of college and have been very busy.

Also I just finished working 7 days in a row because Brendan (my personal slave on days) had to take vacation - the wuss.

So I am taking this art class called "Intro to Macintosh" and if you know me you know I HATE Macs. But I thought I would try to throw off my Mac prejudice and embrace the learning experience.

Now granted this is an Intro class and since I have worked with both Macs and PC's for the last 10+ years it's a well below my current level of understanding. So I am trying to focus more on the Art aspect of it. The instructor is really cool and is very free-form in his assignments and projects. He is a very big Mac zealot and his ignorance about PC's and his ignorant smug assumptions that Mac's are superior and do EVERYTHING better is a bit annoying. But he's a nice guy and the class is fun - so I will grin and bare it.

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  1. hey man! Congratulations! glad the first week went well. Keep kicking some ass!