Friday, September 15, 2006

Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman arrested

Bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman arrested - REALITY TV -


This is a pretty fucked up situation. Take the celebrity out of it, just read the details. It's messed up that the US Government would comply with this.


  1. so, they arrested him because he caught someone that had fled to mexico during a trial in states? i'm having a bit of trouble understanding what he did wrong. was the guy already in mexican police custody? did he have to break him out of a mexican jail to take him to an american jail so that he could buy his way out again? i just don't understand what he did wrong.

  2. The deal is that there is this rich kid named Andrew Luster who was (what the court called him) a brutal rapist or 3 girls. He ran and hid in Mexico and the US couldnt/wouldnt go in and find him. So DOG and his boys went in and found the dood and arrested him and took him to the US police and turned his ass in.

    Well DOG isnt legally allowed to bounty hunt in Mexico and in Mexico what he did was technically misdeamenor kidnapping. So the Mexicans busted him and thru him in jail for a few days. I guess the US (thankful that he brought this rapist to justice) worked it so he could get out or something or they just let him go.

    So off he goes and now four years (and a new uptight Mexican President) later - Mexico wants to arrest him and put him in jail there.

    Taking the fact he's a "celebrity" out of all of this, the US has a policy that you cant extradite a person from one state to another on only misdeamenor charges - so it's fucked up that they are agreeing to allow a US citizen to be handed over on this to Mexico.

    The US Marshalls (12 of them) busted into his home where his wife was getting his little girls ready for school (didnt knock or serve him BUSTED IN) and nabbed him while he was in bed and took him and his brother and his son in on these charges. The US Attorney General and the US court will have final say over whether they are going to hand him over to the Mexicans. I dont trust our Attorney General at all so I am sure they will just role over and give him up like the bitches they are.