Tuesday, September 05, 2006

After class in the caffeteria

I am sitting in my college caffeteria right now after class waiting to leave to pickup Brendan at the airport. I should be reading the first six chapters of my typography book, but I decided to post to my blog instead.

My first test is this Thursday on the previously mentioned six chapters and I still have about 150 pages to read for Art History before next Monday.

All this reading really sucks with my eye. They get so fatigued so easily anymore it's not even funny. I didnt get to have the Intacs surgery because my insurance wouldnt cover it. They called it "experimental" so I am in the middle of fighting with them over that and trying to get them to cover it. If they dont end up covering it, I think I will go with the cornea transplant surgery instead. Something has to be done, my contact is not helping that great anymore is a big pain in the ass.

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