Monday, August 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer (BETA)

So I am sitting here testing out Microsoft's new Windows Live Writer program which is a WYSIWYG editor for Blogging. It downloads your CSS data and applies it as you type for the true WYSIWYG experience which is nice and works with tons of different Blogging services (such as Blogger) and not just Microsoft's Live Spaces, which really sucks ass now.

I'm also sitting her waiting for a woman to come by to look at my car for sale. A guy at work wants to buy it too and needs to try to secure a loan for it first. I would rather sell it to him, but I would rather just sell it first. Hopefully her and her daughter show up pretty soon or else I am going to fall asleep sitting here.

If they stand me up I'll be really pissed as I was going to get some tattoo work done tonight and I put it off to do this.

Okay time to hit post and see what happens with this thing. Oh let me test a picture upload quick too.

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