Saturday, August 19, 2006


So the other day I was at a gas station (a Speedway). The gas there was $2.63 a gallon. 40 miles south, where I live, the gas was $2.89 a gallon that day. So as you can imagine this station was VERY busy. Across the street was a BP station and for whatever reason their gas was $2.79 a gallon. So myself and many other motorists caught these stations in a mini price war before they had to go up to the new price. There was at least 30 cars at the Speedway station with me all jostling for position at any open pump. While waiting for an open pump, I noticed two amazing things. Outside our station was a very old looking man holding up a sign that read "Vietnam era vet. Need work for food and bills. Please Help God Bless." This man was clearly not one or two paychecks from turning things around either. The second thing I noticed was across the street at the BP station, the ONLY vehicle there to get gas was an H2 Hummer. Not only did this guy spend as much as some houses on his vehicle - he clearly didnt care to put the extra expensive gas in it either.

I think Hummer dirvers (and other large SUV drivers - fuck you too Ford) should have to display a bumper sticker like the one on top of this post I mocked up. I also think that a group of people should start posting pictures of dead soldiers on gas pumps as a way of non-violent protest to get more people to wake the fuck up. I think I might start printing up some fliers and taking them around to gas stations with me. Who's with me?


  1. you should get a bunch of these bumper stickers printed then just start plastering them on all the Hummers, Yukons, Excersions and anything else that gets less than 15 mpg. that should wake some people up.

  2. I agree with the hummer thing, but if I owned a larger vehicle (to transport my family around) and someone slapped a sticker like this on it inferring that I was pro-war and pro=peoples kids dieing I would be mighty pissed.
    To lump all of any one group of people into the same catagory, to me, is pretty assinine. Mawd, remember one of those bumber stickers would go on your mother-in-laws SUV...
    Nothing is going to wake the people up that do not want to be woken up in this country besides a total change in our mock-democratic system.
    Watch this video and tell me if George Carlin doesn't hit it right on the head
    "You know why they call it the American dream right? Cause you would have to be fucking dreaming to believe it!"

  3. Thank you jon. Thank you.

  4. Hey man, I didn't mean to offend or anything.
    I think its aboot time we moved to Canada eh?
    I'm looking at going to Toronto Sept 9th for the Virgin Music festival, and I was amazed at the amount of stuff they let you bring into this enourmous venue. Cameras, Liquids, all the scarey stuff our gov't is telling our citizens we should fear and could be used for terrorism. Amazing how just a few hours away from where I live theres a country that isn't using terrorism to force its citizens to kowtow to their every whim.

  5. What amazes me the most is that's actually how "kowtow" is spelled. I never knew that. hehe

    Seriously I considered doing what Mawd suggested. People do have choices and SUV's just arent good ones.

    Actually I thought of this before with something else. There are a LOT of people around here with confederate flag stickers and shit on their cars - I was going to put "I 'heart' black people" stickers on their cars or something like that. I honestly think some people would take like months to realize someone put a sticker on their car.

  6. Any time you take a group of people and label them all as X, and say they should be treated differntly its discrimination.
    I agree with doing the information and whatnot on the gas station level. We are all responsible for the problem. If you drive a car, regardless of its a sporty compact, or a gas guzzeling SUV then your part of the problem. I'm part of the problem. I buy gas, I fuel the industrial complex that keeps us at war and keeps america complacent.

    What you need to do, is find that fucker in Wapak whos entire truck is covered with biblical quotes about why god hates gay people and slowly replace every single sticker with identical looking ones, with positive messages.

  7. I guess in the end we can piss about it all day and its not going to fix anything.
    So to hopefully clear the watars let me just float this out there as a peace offering.

  8. I sold my gas guzzler and bought something more economical and drive my motorcycle. Between the two I average about 38mpg. I am not taking the moral high ground here, honestly I wish I could get 100mpg.

    But until people start bucking the system and making an effort to get in the faces of politicians and companies, nothing will change.

    Yet I think we are actually int he beginnings of that revolution right now. There will be a massive struggle/apathy/rejection/acceptance process to ween ourselves off of oil and onto clean renewable energy. And once companies can squeeze our nuts over that stuff and charge out the ass we will get there.

  9. If gas wasnt so expensive, I wouldnt own anything but a V8. I could care less about the enviroment! But, im just a mean person.

  10. I hate gas. hehe V8's are nice, but man I hate getting jerked around by car makers anymore over this shit. I am going to build a car that runs on puppies.

    Stupid car makers. *shoves puppy into blender*