Thursday, August 17, 2006

Honda Majority

Well yesterday I sold my Grand Am. I am now 100% debt free again. No loans, no credit cards - just living expenses and college (which I am paying for out-of-pocket). This feels great. :)

I am down to 3 vehicles now, my old Jeep, my motorcyle (a Honda) and my '91 Honda Accord that I bought off my sister. And I have to admit that I am loving Hondas. Especially after I heard about this movie and GM's old EV1 vehicle and all that bullshit. I am certainly buying a Honda or Toyota the next time I buy a car.

I'm also glad to be rid of that car because I had it during some very negative times in my life and it collected a lot of bad memories. If the car was a magnet for that bad stuff, I hope it doesnt follow to the new owner. She's a 16 year old girl from a little north of me. She's saved up her money from raising and caring for dairy cows and was able to buy it herself. She was even looking for a black Grand Am so it was pretty much the perfect match. Since I was unable to sell it to a friend at work, I am glad this girl got it and she will give it a good home.

I guess I should also mention that I sold my car by listing it on It's a great website and a very simple process and worth every penny!

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  1. And just think. I work at a factory that makes honda parts.. haha