Sunday, July 16, 2006

The wrong kind of people

The Cincinnati Post - The wrong kind of people: "Dick Roeding, a Lakeside Park Republican who has been in the Kentucky Senate since 1991.

This week, Roeding mixed himself up in the University of Louisville's decision to offer health benefits to domestic partners, and in so doing the senator came across as a bigot unfit for further public service.

'I find this very repulsive,'' Roeding said of U of L's plans, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. And he continued: 'I don't want to entice any of those people into our state. Those are the wrong kind of people.''

Let's hear it again: The wrong kind of people.

In case you're thinking Roeding was misquoted, or that those statements don't reflect his genuine sentiments, consider what he said when a Kentucky Post reporter called to get his reaction to criticism of his remarks from the Republican Log Cabin organization. 'Who are they?'' Reading asked our reporter. Told they were a gay rights organization within the GOP, Roeding said, 'Oh, a bunch of queers.''"

What a fuck. Thanks Kentucky. You and Alaska, sure can pick 'em. Then again we suck at it here in Ohio too.

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