Monday, July 03, 2006

This guy is my new hero

This is amazing! Mawd, make sure you watch this!

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  1. oh yeah! that's very slick. a little disappointed that the video didn't show real well if the wings sweep back or not. It looked like in one flyby that they were back a little but not enough for the full effect.

    at the begining it looks like there is a big ass hinge right where it'd rotate. i bet they do, and that'd be sweet as hell.

    i can't say for sure if i like this one over the F/A-18 from a few years ago that we watched.

    i mean, this one looks bigger and appears to have variable wings, but they crashed that 18. that would have been awesome to watch a $40k remote control plane nose dive into the ground.

    i wonder if it stuck like a yard dart like the fullsize ones do :)