Friday, July 28, 2006

Social Security Cards

So I need to get a title of my new car and to do that in Ohio I need to present a Driver's License and my Social Security card. I have to do this because there is a law in Ohio now that you are not able to get your Social Security number printed on your license anymore. The state government is trying to protect the lowest common denominator in society from identity theft.

I digress - the real issue here is my Social Security card. They wont accept it because it was laminated. They wont take it because the flimsy papery thing was covered in protective plastic when I was 9 years old - the day I signed it. The paper that the BMV woman gave me for my options of other documents to use says the following about Social Security cards:

"We cannot accept metal cards. If your Social Security card says 'Do NOT laminate' and your card is laminated it is invalid and we cannot accept it. If your card is laminated, but there is no warning statement on it about laminating it, we will accept that card."

So what fucking sense does ANY of that make? So the only thing this law or statute or whatever is doing right now it's making you obey the card's warning about not laminating it and NOTHING more. I wonder if I got a tattoo of my social security number and had a notary tattoo a signature on it I could use that.

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