Sunday, June 18, 2006

This Old House, This New House

Firstly (wait is that a word) -- First, I would like to say hello to my dear reader in Sandbakken, Troms Norway. That sounds like a super fine place to live. Dont know how you found me but - yo.

Anyfart ... The house I currently live in, I rent from my uncle. It's a real nice place except the heating doesnt do a very good job and there is no central air. Well a new house has opened up two places down from me that he has that is a bit bigger and has central air and some other nice little refinements. I was thinking about renting the new place - it's a little more a month, but the extra stuff seems worth it.

Until I started thinking about it more and the "small" increase in rent would even out what I pay here for my high gas bills from the broken heating system (the system is new, just the installation was done by a complete idiot on crack).

However he gave me another option to buy my current place on a really good deal and use the extra money to fix everything that needs it here. I have a goal to buy a house by the time I am 30 and this place does suit my needs and is nice (except for the few things I would fix) and I am already here and well anyway to make a long story short, I think instead of renting the new place I am going to BUY this house. Oh god that sounds kinda crazy but woot it's also kind of exciting because now I can do all the stuff I've been wanting to do and it's a really amazing deal he's doing for me.

Now I just have to break the news to my mom who sweated her butt of at the other house today cleaning and mopping. :P


  1. could I move in and share a bed with you


  3. I think I may need to turn anonymous comments off. hehe

  4. Well, It looks like the first one is Brendan and the second one is obviously Mike the Homo, so I guess its not really Anonymous at all is it.. hehe