Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Ink

Got some more ink done today. This finishes my tat now. The shading will become lighter and less redish as it heals up - this is only a few hours old. I will post some more once it heals up. And yes I have more earrings now. Add two new holes to my right ear and put 14 guage rings in all four ear holes so I match and am all balanced. The one hole I already had had to be stretched with a taper and wow did that hurt - but it was pretty cool too. Also - there is NO way I am ever getting my ears done with anything but a needle - those guns at the mall suck and hurt. I got the new ones done by a professional with a needle and wow they were 100x better. WOOT!


  1. ..and next time pee at your own house! hehe :P

  2. Dont take 8 hours in the shower next time! I almost pee'd in your kitchen sink. haha