Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Dickless motorcycle training

So this week I took vacation and am going thru motorcycle training at night. It's four hours a day for four days and at the end they give you the eval and you can go straight off and get your endorsement without taking the state test. It also teaches a lot of nice safety things, etc.

I've finished the first two days and so far, I highly recommend it. It's a great system and it's fun. But this post isnt about all of that. It's about something that struck me funny last night at class.

Our two instructors are these older guys. They seem to be ex-marines or something and are just a pair of good guys who LOVE motorcycle riding. Honestly I have never met anyone so into riding bikes. Granted I havent met a shit-ton of bikers either so this might be normal.

Anyway, these guys are great and are great teachers - their names are Dick and Les. I will repeat that. Their names are Dick and Less. We do introductions everyday of class and when it gets to the end to them, Les says, "And he is Dick and I am Les.". If you arent at least giggling a little bit by now you might want to skip this post and check out your funny, it might be broken.

Last night some of us had a hard time not snickering during the introductions and we started talking at break about the fact there is no good way to say the names, you are either - dick-LES or LESS-dick. One way you have no dick and the other you have very little dick (or I guess none if you started out with very little to begin with).

So tonight I am off to night number three of my Dickless motorcycle training. Wish me luck as I think it's going to rain all night.

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