Wednesday, June 21, 2006

4 Way Stops

I am seriously beginning to HATE four way stops. I think I just might start avoiding them altogether.

If you come to a four way stop, the person on the RIGHT who got there first goes first. This isnt some sort of social junction where you can spend time smiling at me or acting like you are king of the road and wave me or anyone else thru. If you want to be a traffic cop, go to school and get a uniform.

In the meantime, however - learn how to drive.


  1. man, forget 4-way stops, i wanna start shooting people who don't understand the fundamentals of a turn signal.

    and you know what? i dont' even mind people who flat out don't use their signal. there's a slim chance that it doesn't work, but the ones that just piss me off to no end are the mouth breathers that turn their turn signal on half way through the turn.

    WTF is this?!

    "Turn signal" means to signal a turn. If you are turning on the turn signal AFTER you have started turning, then the fact that you are turning becomes the actual turn signal, and the little blinky lights on your car are now some sort of embelishment.

    Then there are people who don't use their cruise control on the interstate. jesus! what the hell are they teaching kids in drivers ed anymore?! you'd think we were in michigan.

  2. I dont have cruise control on my old vehicles sir

  3. then you need to stay off the highway.

    they should make it a federal law that in order to go on the highway you have to use cruise control.

    aside from smacktards who don't understand their turn signals, nothing gets to me more than morons that cant' maintain a steady speed on the highway.

    if everyone would stay on the same speed there'd be no problems. i guarentee it.

    if you're going faster than someone else, you will catch up to them and eventually pass them. If someone in front of you is going slower than you, but faster than the slow guy in the right lane, they will eventually pass them, and then you can pass all three.

    it's when that second jack off can't stay at the same speed and decides his foot is too tired to maintain 70 mph and drops down to 65, then 60, then back up to 70, then 65 again and up and down, up and down up and down. fuck! it's pissing me of just thinking about it.

    go buy a new car with cruise control or drop $100 and put on in it! MRAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  4. haha Mawd said "smacktard"

  5. Mawd. Do you think Net Neutrality is a good idea too?
    Eh? You can't afford to pay extra to access the good sites? Stay off the internet superhighway! I have the gold packages and your ancient browsing methods are screwing up my surfing so stay the fuck off my roads!
    Holy double standards batman!