Monday, May 01, 2006

Sony hypes *cough* lies about its FLOPS

It seems to me that now that the 3rd Playstation is to be released in the foreseeable future, the average person would realize that Sony loves to over exaggerate how powerful their products are. It also seems that IBM has run spec tests on the PS3 and has come to quite an interesting conclusion.
“At this year’s E3 (or thereabouts) Sony proclaimed that their processor could achieve 200GFLOPS! However, according to IBM’s white paper, only 155.5 GFLOPS was actually achieved (Table 4). BUT, IBM’s tests used all 8 SPEs. The PS3 will only use 7 SPE’s, due to manufacturing yield issues.

The efficiency of the Cell is 75.9% (Table 4), with of a theoretical peak of 201GFLOPs (Figure 5)–running 8 SPEs at 25.12GFLOPS apiece (Table 2). Similarly, the theoretical peak for the PS3’s processor will be 176GFLOPS, using 7 SPEs at 25.12GFLOPS apiece. Assuming the same 75.9% efficiency, we could easily interpolate the PS3’s Cell to be capable of 133.6GFLOPS.”
What? 133.6GFLOPS? 133.6GFLOPS doesn’t look very much like 200GFLOPS. The Xbox360 is capable of 115GFLOPS. I may not be too great at Math, but that seems a little far from the “twice the processing power of the Xbox 360″ statement that was thrown around by Sony execs in the past. I will never understand why the army of Sony fans will defend a brand who lies to them time and time again whenever new hardware is released.

With this news, and word that the OS on the PS3 might be sucking down 19% of the processing power, Microsoft is making the Xbox360 look more and more honest and consumer friendly. Not in the way that it’s easy to use, but the fact that Microsoft doesn’t seem to lie to the consumer about the Xbox360.
Killzone 2

This was also in their report:
“…Not to mention that one of the SPE’s in the PS3 are reserved for the OS and the bottlenecking of the data transfer between the SPE’s and the on board memory. I see the 360 hand in hand with a gaming Revolution taking home this next round at least, if not the whole cake over time.”
Things are looking up for the Xbox 360’s position in the consolewars.

Xboxic: Is Sony pulling its classic hype tricks with the PS3?


  1. OK. you know that I used to be all about Sony. All my audio/video equipment at home is Sony, i loved my PS1. i got VERY sucked into the hype of the PS2 before launch. but when i finally got my hands on one, i was so horribly dissappointed. i've been pretty much against Sony since.

    I still say that as much as they hyped it, it looked no better than my Dreamcast at the time. A system that had been out about a year before the PS2's launch.

    My big question is: how stupid are all you PS3 lovers out there going to feel when you realize that the big "trailer" on the internet for the new Metal Gear Solid game obviously is a cut scene and NOT actual gameplay?

    Sony's done that crap in the past. Played a beautiful cut scene and called it "actual gameplay footage" and everything thought "oh god, it's amazing" just to find out the game looks like ass.

    Wake up people and come back to the PC :)

  2. haha no shit. That's a great point. Hell I think there might only be about 5 minutes of actual game engine footage of ALL the PS3 games out there right now.

    I bet they dont show more than 5 games at E3 actually running and I bet only 2 of them will be hands-on demos.

    I remember some big Sony mucky-muck saying that the PS2 was going to be just like the Matrix that you wouldnt be able to tell real life from it. Sheesh whatever.

    The next-gen is here and Microsoft is delivering it day-in and day-out.

  3. Something else to remember is:

    "BUT, IBM’s tests used all 8 SPEs. The PS3 will only use 7 SPE’s, due to manufacturing yield issues."

    Sony can only guarantee 7 of the SPE's will work on any model shipped. It could be less or one or more of your SPE's could die and the system still run at a severly degraded performance. Play a game that was intended to choke all 6 SPE's (minus the OS SPE) on a 3 year old box with only 4 SPE's lit and people will be begging Sony to release toasters running on CELL to supplement the lost power.

    The ONLY way the PS3 wins this round against the 360 (in sales anyway) is for the BlueRay DVD format to become standard. If HD-DVD beats it, the PS3 has nothing to offer over anything else. Then again they did just announce Full Auto 2 being an exclusive title. Whoopie. haha losers.

  4. oh man! damnit!

    you mean that Full Auto 2 is ONLY going to be on the PS3?!

    there goes my hopes and dreams :(

  5. LOL no doubt.

    I downloaded the Full Auto demo off XBOX Live and wow, what a suck game.

    On the other hand EVERYONE needs to try the new Need For Speed game, it's amazing.