Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Grand Prize?

I really hope they dont give away the Nintendo Wii as the grand prize this year.

Oh Nintendo you silly heads with your complex motion based controllers.

For more fun and flops check out the following in the long list of what's to come for the Wii:

The Nintendo U-Force
The Nintendo Power Glove
The Sega Activator

See a pattern here? Yeah 'a lot of movement' plus 'video games' equals big time bomb. And if you dont believe me, ask anyone still pounding out games on their PowerPad or who plays DDR any more than once a month (or isnt some hyperactive kid hopped up on kool-aid).

And if you thought Sony's marketing was bad (what are those little dirt ball things anyway?) check out the movie below, courtesy of Nintendo Power:

1 comment:

  1. oh, now don't got dis'en the little dirt balls. those guys are cool!

    "it's cheese you can eat outside!!!!"


    i forgot to mention that even though i do hate sony, i love my PSP. sorry :)