Monday, May 15, 2006

Caught in the locker room

So there I was on Saturday, at the Y, minding my own business. My friend and I were all done with our workout and were heading back to the locker room to get changed and to use the hot tub and swim.

The locker room is setup with 8 rows of lockers with 4 benches between the pairs of lockers and the rows of lockers come out of the wall perpendicular. So in each little area there’s a bench for the two rows of lockers.

In these rows it’s only big enough for about 2 people to stand and have enough room to move around and change without it being overly crowded. When my friend and I walked in, there was a man in our row sitting on the bench.

He was changed into his long baggy swimming trunks and wore nothing else and sat there with his locker open. He was a bit overweight, with a beer gut, and looked to be in his late 40’s. When we saw him though he froze like a deer in the headlights, because we caught him doing something I don’t think he intended anyone to see.

He was eating Doritos and pretzels. It was funny because he was really stuffing his face and crunching really loud too in a very hurried way. The whole situation was funny because it’s really the most obtuse place to find someone chomping down on snacks – the locker room at the Y.

My friend got into his locker and as to not crowd Pretzel Man, I walked into the back and used the bathroom to give him time to move. Well he did, but apparently he wasn’t done with his pretzels. When I came back to change he had gone to the next spot over from us and was still cramming his face full of pretzels.

He was a very odd acting man too and followed us into the pool and swam a lap that looked like he was having more of a spasm then actual swimming. And then he got out of the pool and ate something else, more pretzels I think. We got into the pool when he headed to the hot tub and I think he left before we did. It was just a very odd thing.

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