Thursday, May 25, 2006

Big Red and Ginger Kids

A little odd thing that I have found - and you can test this for yourself. ALL red-haired people like Big Red. I dont know why, I personally hate the shit (which is fine since I dont have red hair). I think they just latch onto it's iconic status in an effort to elevate their self esteem from being beaten down by a society that views them as different. You poor Ginger Kids drinking that sucky pop.


  1. dude there is nothing wrong with "Big Red"
    It is the Most delicious red pop ever produced. Just because you dont like something you have to bash it and the types of people that drink it....well i say how dare you sir.

  2. I with you Cory. Big Red = Suck ---- Not even good for mixing with alcohol.

  3. I am a red head and I don't Hate Big Red but its pointless to drink it because it burns your throat and makes you belch. I will drink it on occasion but believe it or not the diet version is actually pretty good, but I'll take plain old Pepsi any day!!