Thursday, May 25, 2006

Abortion Solution

I am totally and personally against abortion, however I am 100% pro choice. I realize that dichotomy is hard for some to understand. And it's just as easy for some to call me a baby killer as it is for me to say they are for a rapist's right to reproduce by force. At any rate, I believe I have come up with a solution to the whole issue of abortion in the United States that seems equal and fair.

1) Abortion is 100% illegal in the third trimester unless it is to save the mother's life.

2) If you want an abortion in the first or second trimester you must register with a state. The state would add your name to the list as a viable canidate for adoption. You must carry your baby for at least 2 months while on this list to give someone an ample chance to adopt your child. If someone agrees to adopt it then you MUST have the baby, unless it will result in the mother's death. If no one agrees to adopt your child within two months you are legally allowed to have the abortion.

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