Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Playstation 3 Will Be $499 to $734 ?

"Gamasutra reports this morning on the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe dropping a Playstation 3 price during an interview with radio station Europe 1.

George Fornay said that the Playstation 3 will be hitting Europe for €499 to €599 or about $612 to $734. Fornay also confirmed that the PS3 will be hitting Europe this November. Finally, Fornay reiterated that the dealy of the Playstation 3 was due to last minute changes in the Blu-ray’s copy protection."

Gamasutra - Report: Sony France Boss Comments On PS3 Price

Another article here pegging the price a bit lower but still more than the 360.

Oooo I wanted to save this for tomorrow's Thursday Gaming News, but I couldnt sit on it for that long.


  1. so, are you gonna go out and buy one of these P.O.S.'s too now since you've turned your back on the PC?

  2. I would sooner eat a turd than buy a Playstation.

    Sony = teh suck.

    I havent turned my back on PC gaming, I just refuse to get caught into the bullshit upgrade cycle and constant problems with the games. If a game doesnt run on my current PC configuration than I am not going to play it (unless it comes out for the 360). But the 360 is my primary focus.

  3. well, at least you're sounding normal on the whole "Sony sucks" topic.

    to be honest, i kind wish they would have went with the "distributed computing" concept we made so much fun of back in the day.

    that could have given me some real fun today.

  4. too bad the whole Ps3=500+ thing was a whole over reacting to some poorly translated french guy sony Exec.
    Same crap was happening months before the 360 came out too. Believe news when sony has a official US press release about it.
    Oh well. Revolution is going to rule everything, so its a moot point anyway.

  5. The translation was right, we got French pretty well mastered.

    However he was saying that it will be comparable to a BluRay disc player being release at the same time that will cost a lot more. So in saying it will cost X to Z he was trying to make a value comparison against a similar entertainment item while touting it's more than movie-abilities.

    The real issue here is if Sony cuts too low they will be looking at over $1 billion (yes with a "B") loss the first year out. And while Sony is a large company, they wont sustain that sort of loss for very long.

    I am going on the record here and saying the PS3 will launch at $499 and only one option (not a Core and Premium option like the 360 does). They will bank on the fact that Sony stuff is ALWAYS more expensive and in some people's eyes intrinsically better.

    As for the Nintendo Revo, once they show anything but a model and hype, then maybe I will get excited, till then they barely have more of a product than my soon-to-be release console the RuleALL 5000.