Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Inedible - no shit

I took this pic with my cell phone. I walk past these barrels everyday going to work and I chuckle almost everytime that the word "inedible" has to be written on something as crusty as these things. Like anyone is going to walk thru this alley and be like "man I am hungry - Oooo look at those rusty greasy barrels, I think I will eat whatever is in them since there is nothing telling me not to."

Then again there are people who have to eat out of barrels. There's another homeless person holding a sign up at our exit ramp off I75. I am used to see homeless at other places I've been and lived, but it's pretty shocking seeing that around Wapak. I think it's the same guy I saw before winter if it is I should ask him how my killer umbrella is. I gave him this kick ass ninja-weapon-umbrella I had because it was so bad out. I could hit the button thing on it and knock a pop bottle off my desk and send it flying.

1 comment:

  1. Inedible?? Whats that mean? I think it might mean very tasty! Whatever is in those barrells is some of the best stuff ive ever ate!