Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I honestly tried to forget you

Sometimes in your life you are faced with something that touches every part of your soul. It reaches down into the very fiber of your being and makes you better for having known it.

I recently have realized just what I have been missing in my life and the amount of pain and anguish I have gone thru in trying to forget it is too much to bear.

I am coming back to you, whether you want me or not. Whether you've missed me or not. I will accept no other course of action. You were mine and you will be mine again.

*deep breath*

I am coming back to you Outlook.

hehe ... Ugh, I tried Thunderbird, which wasnt bad, but I just cant leave all my fun Outlook goodness.

It already feels like I am halfway home.


  1. holy shit! i was totally afraid you were talking about something WAAY different until i got to the end.