Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blurry drive-by

Here's a picture of a woman who passed me on the way to work. Driving a very large Ford Explorer. She was by herself and driving 80+mph. The greatest thing too is that she has a handicap parking tag hanging from her mirror (and she's obviously not handicapped) right next to a dreamcatcher.

There was so much about this scenario that I dont like.


  1. Cory.
    I am offended by your statement that she is "Obviously not Handicapped"
    People can be handicapped in alot of different ways. Perhaps she has the handicapped sticker because of the GIGANTIC size of her testicles! Did you think of that?!?!
    And its not a drive by without the blat blat

  2. LOL. That's very true. Man there was some guy driving around my block yesterday in a little red pickup truck with huge testicles.