Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Yellow Chomper

Woot Pac-Man and Galaga are coming to XBOX Live Arcade. WOOT!

GamersReports screenshot


  1. Today my son and I had the following conversation in the car after I picked him up from the baby sitter:
    ME - "Oh boy, you're sleepy.."
    Jacob - "why?"
    M - "Why are you sleep?"
    J - "Yeah"
    M - Cause you were running around all day playing..
    J - Why?
    M - Because your a two and half year old
    J - Why?
    M - Because you were born two and a half years ago
    J - Why?
    M - Because you're mom and I wanted to have a baby.
    J - Why?
    M - Because we love each other
    J - Why?
    M - Because of chemical reactions in our brains that drive our need to reproduce, perpuate the species, and feel loved.
    J - Why?
    M - Umm.. Evolution?
    J - Ok..

    Its not really relevant to pacman on the 360 arcade, I just thought it was funny.