Friday, March 31, 2006

Iwata: More Revolution Secrets Coming

“Our primary focus with the Nintendo Revolution has been to create a system that can do things that the other systems can’t, that has functionality that the other systems don’t have,” he said through a translator. “And speaking to that, there are some other unique features of the Nintendo Revolution hardware that we haven’t discussed yet that we will be announcing at E3.”

Iwata: More Revolution Secrets Coming - Kotaku

The Gamecube had this cool function that the other consoles didnt have. It had the function to pile up on store shelves as no one bought them. And Iwata probably needs between now and E3 to think of something cool to even announce. I hate bullshit announcements about upcoming announcements. Just shut up and wait till the time you actually will announce something.

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  1. I think he is going to annouce the built in felliatiator(tm).

    In mother Russia, revolution plays you.