Thursday, March 23, 2006

In a Galaxy EVEN Farther Away Now

Well Lucas Arts has announced that they are NOT extending their Star Wars license to to the SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) game Galaxies. No word on when it runs out, but when it does it will have to either de-reference every Star Wars reference and art or just be turned off.

The President of SOE John Smedly had this to say in an article, "There has never been a release by Sony Online Entertainment that has been incomplete." If you believe that than you have never played an MMO published by SOE.

Raph Koster has left SOE, he was the Creative Director for Star Wars Galaxies (and many other games) and so has Cindy Armstrong who was the had of Business Development. And according to an SOE Mole reporting to Kotaku, the President John Smedly's head may be on the chopping block as SOE continues to sink under the weight of it's own crap.

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