Thursday, March 23, 2006

Boycotting Games using Starforce (aka Fuck Starforce)

For those of you who dont know Starforce is a horrible copy-protection system that some game publishers are using to try to stop people from pirating their games.

Trouble is Starforce the product and the company do some really nasty stuff as evident here, here and here where the lastest version will put a rootkit on your machine and reboot your computer whenever it even thinks you are doing something that may be similar to what you would do to pirate a game.

Well you may be infected with this menace and not even realize it. Here is a list of games that if you've had them installed on your computer, than you are now sharing space with the Starforce parasite on your system. Remove it?

I will be boycotting these games to be sure, and it's nice to also note that I dont have to worry about this stuff playing on my XBOX 360, so that's another point in favor of no longer gaming on my computer.

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