Saturday, February 25, 2006

You Can Pick Your Friends ...

June 14 10:59 PM

You can pick your friends, you can pick your butt, however you shouldnt pick your friend's butt unless you ask first.

Hi everyone and welcome to another rambling post by yours, truly. It's almost 11pm right now and I am flat out exhausted - I started taking a Yoga class with Chandi and let me tell you that it's HARD! If you think Yoga's a powder-puff class, then come to the Y and pull up a mat and get ready to have your butt kicked (or picked - I promise I will ask first).

I've been trying, and succeeding, in staying busy enough to not have to think about some hard things right now and as such I have been drifting away from my friends. So any of you reading this, I'm sorry. I tend to get really depressed over something, then try to buy my way to happiness, then realize I cant and then just start trying to tear apart my whole life and everything in it to feed my depression. Fun, eh?

I think I am at least doing a wee bit better than other "episodes" though. I am trying to focus my negative energy into constructive things like doing ALL the things to Mom's house that she's always wanted and trying to eat healthier and exercise a bit. Still smoke free, so that's good - woot! And congrats to Chandi, whom I believe is about one week into not having a cigarette. *PINCH*

Okay well I am going to sign off as I need to get some sleep and havent been able to for about a week - so I am going to go lay in bed and play the "act like I'm asleep" game long enough to really fall asleep.

Night everyone!

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