Saturday, February 25, 2006

Update on my father

March 14 1:54 AM

For the people that I havent been in touch with in awhile and those who I have, but havent had time to say much more than "Hi", I thought I would give everyone an update on my father's situation.

Currently he is resting comfortably at a great skilled nursing facility (I hate the term nursing home). They are taking great care of him and with the help of the hospice program they are keeping him pain free as his life slowly slips away.

We thought the end was going to be on Saturday, however he made it thru a rough spot and his vitals have evened out again. Even though I still dream that he will eventually get better, I know it's not the case. His body is slowly shutting itself down and his time is short.

I am glad he appears to be pain free and my only hope and prayer now is that he knows how greatly he is loved and what a good father and role model he is.

Sweet dreams Dad, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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