Saturday, February 25, 2006

Twisted Sense of Self

February 07 8:56 PM

I feel my objective on this Earth - my reason for being is to make sure I take care of the people I love make them happy.

However I appear to be doing something wrong.

The more I do for someone, the more they always tell me the thing that will make them happy is when I am happy.

Helping others makes me happy and you might say this is a cycle of good, it doesnt seem to be working that way. My days are getting longer, my nights are becoming more restless and the only problems that are ending up being left are the ones I am either unable to fix or unsure how.

I am not quite sure what I will do with myself when I am all out of things to help with or problems to solve. But then again this is life and there is a new problem around every corner.

So business is good I guess.

So for all those people that know me, know I'm a fixer, and I know that can be annoying - but know I do it out of love and I would gladly sacrifice my happiness and well-being for yours.

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