Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Without Pooping

Originally posted on: December 17 10:14 AM

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and my family didnt kill each other. Actually it seemed like a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately I have a clogged sewer drain that is keeping me from using my toilet, shower and everything else in my house.

So last night I just peed out the backdoor of my house into the yard. haha - it was pretty funny. That and I couldnt take a crap (I hate public toilets) so I waited till this morning at work and nuked the toilet there.

Right now I have some severe acid down the drain and I am hoping this will open it up so I can start using my stuff again. If not I guess I will be showering at Chandi's house again. :P

If anyone wants to stop by, please come to the front door as you may get hosed down coming the back way. haha

Go on, go pee outside it's a very liberating experience.

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