Saturday, February 25, 2006

Taking Bertha Out

August 28 10:20 PM

Well I took my Jeep Bertha out again tonight and had an ABSOLUTE blast again. I went on the same trail again as last time and it was almost totally dry this time, so it wasnt as sloppy and that also means the Jeep REALLY got banged around very hard this time. Good news is she took all the hits and shrugged it off like it was nothing.

The best thing about this, I forgot to lock in my front hubs, so I was in full 2 WHEEL DRIVE the whole time and didnt even realize it. If you told me my Jeep could do what I put it thru today only on 2 wheel drive I would not have believed you at all. I am once again amazed by Bertha.
I also found out that I can take others with me now, so my friends Nate and Scott can come with me with their Wranglers and put some notches on their dashes on Piper's trail. :) I hope I can get Bertha over to this place in Indiana that you can do some serious off-roading.
I'm also thinking of buying a 3rd car or a brand new car that's a diesel so I can start using bio-diesel. I wonder if I can find a good deal on a New Beetle, like Jon at work.
Here is a great article about how George W. Bush's grandfather made the Bush family fortune by working with and for the Nazi's and helping Hitler and the Nazi party become wealthy. This is a good read.

And finally, tonight, I hope everyone in the path of Katrina stay safe as she hits us tonight.

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