Saturday, February 25, 2006

So long and goodnight my sweet install

February 19 10:02 PM

Tonight I format my main computer at home. The last time I did this was November 25, 2002!

Since that original install Windows XP Pro has survived the following hardware changes:

2 new motherboards (different brands and types)
3 new CPU's (both 32 and 64-bit)
4 different ethernet cards
2 different PCI sound cards
4 different video cards

And roughly 100 different programs of all sorts of types being installed and uninstalled. It was only ever infected by one virus (from mine own non-careful testing) and one nasty adware install (CoolWebSearch) which finally done it in. Not that I couldnt use, it was still running strong, but I would get the odd pop-up and was unable to remove the 2 offending files of the new variant (and I didnt want to mount a virtual Linux kernel to try to dismantle it across the platform).

So good night my old install - you were a rock.

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