Saturday, February 25, 2006


Originally posted on: December 17 10:18 AM

Okay I know I told Chandi I would get off the computer and go lay down but I am just going to fall asleep if I just watch TV.

So I started losing my voice today, that was interesting. I think I sorta sound like Tracey Gold from Growing Pains. Except, as it turns out, her raspy voice was due to the excessive stomach acid in her throat by making herself throw-up to lose weight.

If you havent done so yet, go watch The West Wing. God it's one of the greatest TV Shows ever made. Aaron Sorkin is a television genius, he also brought us the Emmy winning Sports Night. And I hate sports more than I think anyone and GOD that show was amazing, it really had nothing to do with sports. It had great characters, excellent plot and fantastic dialog. It was smart and funny.

I am getting pretty hungry now (as the random thoughts just keep leaking out). I wonder if I should go out and get some food or eat my last bagle and some potato chips.

Being this sick wouldnt be that bad if I didnt just spontaneously start coughing to the point where it feels like I am going to launch a loogey of blood across the room.

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