Saturday, February 25, 2006

She's a Dirty Girl

August 14 9:11 PM

I have nicknamed my Jeep Bertha and today I found out that she likes to get dirty. I finally got her out on a local trail with my brother-in-law and had an absolute blast.

We thought we got stuck at a very very deep rut that went up a short steep hill, but she powered out with the help of an old board and away we went.

Everytime I get in this thing it puts a smile on my face. Bertha is a monster too, she chewed up that trail and spit it right back out thanks to her new Goodyear Wrangler shoes and good old Jeep brute force.

My only regret was that the ground has been so dry around here that all the rain soaked in so fast that there wasnt a lot of mud to really get her covered, but she got a good coat. I will try to snap a few pics of her dirty side.

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