Saturday, February 25, 2006

Quick Fix, Freak Out

August 25 10:46 PM

"Quick fix, freak out, nose bleed, skull cap, pissed off, pissed on. I've never seen a smile that looked so sad."

In case you didnt know (and you should) that lines from an Aerosmith song called "Walk on Water". Just popped into my head and onto my speakers as I begin this very quick post.

Been keeping very busy as of late, lots of things to do at work so that's cool. Still trying to get my head around some new challenges going on - never been part of an 11th hour contract negotiation - so that's new and crazy and kinda fun.

Oh and I can see now - WOOT! Although most of the people that read this blog see me regularly so I wont bore everyone with the entire story, but I got contacts and still getting an exact fit on them, but I can see way better than with my crumby-old glasses. And thanks to Walmart they didnt cost $300 a pair this time.

I love shopping at Walmart and getting the savings, but man it can be depressing realizing just how much child labor and bad paying jobs are involved in it all.

Hopefully I will be able to get the Jeep out and dirty again this weekend some time, I am getting SUPER excited to rough it up some more. I absolutely cannot wait till the snow comes and I can have some crazy fun with it and can drive it to work everyday and not feel like a total gas-guzzling asshole.

Well I think that's all for now, going to help finish some painting and stuff at my Mom's this weekend and do some other odds and ends of things I have been meaning to get done.
Okay I am outtie - gotta go catch up on some Tivo and READ (woot yay for seeing).

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