Saturday, February 25, 2006

Progress on My Jeep

July 22 10:47 AM

This is my first 4wd vehicle. I wanted something I could go out and have fun in and not worry about tearing it up and wasting a bunch of money. Also needed something for winter and to haul some stuff around. I bought this for $700 about a month ago. It's a 1981 AMC Jeep Wagoneer. It has a 360 V8 and a 2bl Holley carb. The rear-end has a Detriot EZ Rear Locker. Seems to be in pretty good shape and runs real nice.

So far I have:

  1. Replaced the valve cover gaskets
  2. Changed the oil (Fram filter & Castrol High Mileage 10w-30)
  3. Added "Engine Restore"
  4. Put 5% Limo Tint on rear doors, rear side windows and rear window.
  5. Used 100+ fl oz. of chemical paint stripper to remove the 7 different layers of paint off the worst spots.

I am finishing removing the odds and ends of trim pieces and stripping those and starting to sand and prep the surface for priming.

I am going to do a simple spray paint paint job (Krylon Stonewashed Denim #3545) to just get a simple even coat of color on it. Not looking to take this to shows or whatever so spray paint will do just fine. Going to use roll-on/spray-on bed liner coating for the bottom half of the vehicle to make it a little more resilient.

You can view the progress so far in the "My Jeep" gallery here on my space.

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