Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh *drool*

Someone shouldnt get this excited over a new version of Excel but WOW!

I love Excel - woot Excel 12 is on it's way.


  1. yay! i can finally leave a comment again without being forced to sign into that damn .NET crap! it's amazing how quickly you are leaving Microsoft behind for stuff that actually works.

    now, onto the topic at hand. A NEW VERSION OF EXCEL?! SWEET GOD YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. well, i dont' have to sign into .NET anymore, but now my comments must be "approved"?!

    isn't that special!

    what if i want the instant gratification of being able to see my comments published instantly after i click the publish button? What if i don't have the capacity to remember to come back to this page to see my smart-ass comments? has the world gotten so bad that an anonymous poster cant' even put anything that he wants on a comments page?

    i mean, whats the worse that could happen? sheesh!

  3. now that i'm thinking about it. maybe keepign me from posting comments isn't such a bad idea after all.

    i mean look. this is only what? the 2nd post back here on blogger and this is the 3rd comment in 5 minutes? this could get ugly quick unless i finally get up to go take a shower.


  4. Woot :) comment moderation has been turned off. I didnt realize it was on.

    I need to add the peek-a-boo comments code to my page though, instead of using this default blogger page.

  5. Excel makes me happy in the pants. I dont like the new Outlook though - looks like the current version but with 200 more columns of data. Might look okay on a wide screen though.

  6. yeah! screw it in its stupid ass!!!
    Man.. your missing the big news with the new office man.. take a look at the sharepoint integration. Sharepoint makes my peni jump up and down