Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Day (thanks Tom for the post idea)

February 20 11:43 PM

Slept until about 11am

Played some World of Warcraft(shocker)

Went to Mom and Dad's for dinner

Dad had another dizzy spell and was at a 10 on the pain scale (10 being the worst). We had to call the ambulance to come and get him because he couldnt stand up and I couldnt carry him without hurting him. He's gotta be below 130 pounds now.

We got him to the hospital and they got him on morphine thru an IV now so that helps a bunch because it's faster and more constant. He's slightly dehydrated too so they are pumping him full of liquids and stuff. He's well nourished (well as far as vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are concerned).

Came home from the hospital about 7:30 or so and got back on Warcraft till now. Just trying to stay lost from my troubles and hey its better than drinking (believe that).

Dealing with a heat issue on my new CPU all day too. I started noticing it running hot and tested it and got it to spike at its limit of 160°. So I ordered some round IDE cables and a case fan from TigerDirect to try to get it to cool off a bit. I really need to get my 2 spare hard drives out of the case too - I might just grab some cheap USB2.0 enclosures for them that will cut down on the hot air. That and I need some more RAM.

Well I am going to go to bed now; tomorrow's going to be a long day. I think I might only work a half day to have time to get some stuff done and still see the eye doctor.

BTW, dont listen to Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah when you are already depressed.

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